Saturday, May 29, 2010

Writing Progress

Yippee, with some good advice from all over the blogisphere (mainly links from I have achieved 920 words. The 50,000 words was a bit overwelming so I headed for the halfNoc of 25,000. Even though I know the characters are being introduced etc, it seems like nothing much is happening - 920 words of introducing main character, two secondary characters, and putting the circumstances on the map all the space of the main character sitting in a queue on the motorway. But I have checked out other authors 'Chapter One' and just sometimes there is nothing "happening". Ive started the story in the middle of an action, provided a bit of background to get the foundation set. Next I will move her off the motorway and on to some action. It might all get cut at draft II phase so what the heck. Im also resisting editing too much or (like previous attempts) I will never move forward.

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