Friday, July 6, 2012

Never say never

Its been a long time since my last post, lots have happened, nothing written for publication though unless I count the papers I completed through Massey (extramural) - published purely for the course coordinator to mark.

Since the last post both my lovely old lady cats have passed away, and one of my dogs. On the rational side they had all had good lives, and I treasure the time I had with them. On the emotional side I miss them dearly, especially the feline friends when they would curl up in a sun puddle in front of the window on my desk, looking so peaceful.

I thought I would not replace the ladies, we have two male cats, slightly aloof and independent. However, I have missed the old girls, miss having a cat on my lap (the boys are not "lap sitters"). So I have been to the SPCA, with the intention of adopting another "lady" companion - two months after my dear friend Annie passed away. I returned home with three young tabby ladies, Lily, Poppy, and Rosie. We got them for free because some kind person donated money when they dropped the girls off, but on the way home I had to stock up with kitten supplies because it has been eight years since a kitten has been in our house, and I spent an exorbitant amount on toys, food, etc. I am hoping they will become close companions as my dear old ladies Annie and Gracie were.

As for writing, well I am still plugging away at nothing - I would dearly love to buddy up with others who write - I'm sure writing is like running or going on a route march in the army, doing it in a group gives the writers support, endurance and others to measure ones progress. Anyway, full steam ahead.