Tuesday, November 12, 2013

In the moment

I'm back! I have finally worked out how to incorporate my new account details with the old - and without losing the old - now I wonder if that particular action (I could have cut and sewn a reasonable sized quilt in the time it took me to sort it out...but I got there in the end) could be classified as "creative". I wonder this because I listened (and watched, but really really listened because she is so easy and interesting to listen to) to a lovely young woman describe her creative process involving embroidery and quilting and a mixture of both. What I particular liked was that her creativity or methodology was a process of distillation, organic - using the spectrum of life experiences, whether that be watching her child attend a sporting fixture or recording observations (cerebral and/or visual)a a memory; a political theme; an agenda; or cultural statement. Well the list could go on.

What was really valuable was Joe's confirmation so to speak of a wisdom shared by many teachers that I have read and admired - learning comes from doing (practice practice practice) and turning up for the "doing". It's pointless to just talk about "doing"; or just think about "doing". Learning and mastery and creativity are all verbs - they are "doing" words.

In light of the rejuvenation I felt after listening to Joe's talk I thought I would do my own little creativity challenge (something she shared with us, and I see is on her blog ... create something every day for 100 days and post the creation on the blog). I'm off to the UK in a couple of weeks, but I have started by making sure I do something (even if it is not a new project each day - just as long as it is something like sewing, working on this!!!).

I also read today in a little meditation book I have on my desk about remembering to not get carried away by focusing on the outcome and missing the journey - so I have for the rest of the day tried to make a concerted effort to put myself "in the process" ... really be there, not just eyeing the end result or the outcome. All in all, my Guild meeting gave me more to think about than just my quilting. That's all for tonight.