Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My keys are flying

I have out done myself today. Word count for Half Socnov is 3,996. Only 1,004 and I have a chapter if I was aiming for 17 chapters, 5,000 words per chapter and I have nearly cleared my first 5,000. Snaps for me. And, yes theres more, I have been very restrained with the editing. My other accomplishment is that I've been 'turning up each day'. Because Im in a challenge I have to turn up, tap out, and I dont want to retreat by deleting any work so I just keep going (with the mantra "its just a draft, its just a draft"). Previous attempts at getting beyond a page have been flawed because subconsciously I think I have held an expectatgion that something close to perfection should be produced, without acknowledging that this just does not happen, for anyone. Its draft draft draft. No story has been written in one sitting fully structured, and not requiring some form of redraft and/or editing. It's also been interesting that while I have been tweaking and typing, my story has taken form from the 'panster' approach, but I have a gut feeling that once I have a bit more, I will then revert to the outlining. This is because the story is revealing a bit more of itself as I type, and my confusion is being teased out, hopefully enough soon that I will have a skeleton to flesh out.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Half challenge progress

Ive hit 2183 words. I dont know what Im doing. Its a huge battle to keep the internal critic quiet, just repeating to myself that this is only draft. Also trying to keep visits to other blogs to a minimum, it eats too much of my time away. One little browse and the next thing an hour has gone by. I know I could have done lots more, and Im disappointed with myself having taken two days of work to have a nice long weekend but my other roles in life come first. I think I read that on someone else's blog that they dont apologise for making their role as mother/partner etc a priority. It will be all too soon before my role as mother will be minimal, so I might as well make the most of it. I cant write when I know Im needed elsewhere. Just takes so much time to 'get in to the swing' then its time to pack it all up and cook or clean something or go and earn some money. Early days. Im doing the writing scene by scene, just writing what comes, and Ive stopped trying to put it in some sort of flowing order because that was jamming me up and getting confusing.