Friday, December 9, 2011


I have 1750 words for an outline which is also struggling to be a draft MS. Lots of threads to follow which should could me busy. Wonderful french film got creativity flowing, that and not doing any housework or ducking off to hang out washing.

Friday, November 18, 2011


I was given the blog address of a friend to look at pictures of their newly purchased house that brought me back here. Its been 12 months since last I visited, a few cobwebs around but my ol' faithful has waited patiently. And so here I am, after checking out a couple of recommended blogs from grandpurlbaa blog that I completely forgot about. And what joy (love using "and" at beginning of sentence, its such a freeing sensation to tear down the grammar police who made it taboo) to catch up with such interesting blogs. Facebook took my attention away for a bit, I was mesmerised by the immediacy and presence of so many all on one page, pinging away at each other, but too brief for my liking, I'm over the rush and its back to blogs. Of note for example is "Life at Willow Manor" really interesting visuals, and airily familiar thoughts from Tess Kincaid, its as if she has put in to words what flittered through my mind - wonderful to see another person enjoy same music and interests. Enough. Will continue later.