Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Small good stuff

A gittery kind of day today. Not the "I'm brimming with enthusiasm" or "muse in overdrive" type of day. More like the gitters from far too much coffee thrown in with a restless night of broken sleep - not that either of these occured but I still recall them from my days of being a working mother with a baby. I'm restless from writing rubbish, and feeling disorganised. Days of it. Getting pretty desperate now, and its flowing into the daytime job, there's a low growling not too far from my lips when Ive let my mind wander off to 'plot, character, conflict, plot is character, character can deliver plot...on and on' and all the other advice from those who have managed to get past chapter one. The short of it is that Ive been looking for a big blinding flash, or even a small tremble, to organise my thoughts, have some scenes slot in around each other, and found neither. Characters names have changed, situation changes, plot changes, its all been on unstable ground. Maybe someone needs to die? Killing darlings is all well and good when they are in abundance but I killed so many over the last couple of nights, I may have entered into the realm of poetry by default because little is left of my chapter. Anyway, feeling sorry for myself and the hidden author within, I went on a virtual cruise and found the Kiwiwriters, from where I found Professor David Morley, at the Warwick AC UK. While poetry is a mood thing for me, and I know little about it other than what I know I like, (definitely not writing) his posts and pictures are so thought provoking, and calming, and have had a very calming influence - well they just do the trick for laying to rest the gitters. The podcasts for writing are a Godsend. So, having listened to the "beginnings" podcast, Im going to do the 'homework' and see what I come up with. On the weather front - we are down to 18 degrees, and it is so nice to have the cooler nights to sleep through. And if we are lucky we will get rain over the next couple of days -because hopefully we will not have to get the water truck out again.

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