Friday, October 15, 2010

So grateful it is Friday

What an exhausting extra long work day. Thank goodness it is Friday. Anyway I was checking out one of my favourite bibliophile blogs to see if she had updated anything recently (You Can Never Have Too Many Books) at and in the depths of her last post she has a link to another bibliophile who also linked off to the Fashion section of the NYTimes where there is an article that states that burying noses in books is "somewhat isolating" absolute darn right - but this fashion columnist seems to think that its wrong - and that the ebook is going to encourage readers in public to be more interactive - who in the heck wants to interact when their reading, thats why they are reading!! otherwise they would be talking. What is sad is that the ebook is supposedly going to be some kind of fashion accessory - the only reason I can think of why it is in the fashion section. Anyway, too many late nights this week and I have a quilting workshop to attend in the morning.


  1. Hi Nicole
    Thanks for visiting GPB. Fans are excellent for knitting in the summer. Fans and tea cosy knitting.

    And I see that you not only knit and sew and quilt and read, but you write as well. I wonder if you have come across these two blogs before....
    Very good cheer

  2. eBook advocacy is so similar to gadget advocacy that gadget fans will resort to, believing there's redemption in a tool, and not so much in how content needs to be consumed.

    If eBooks proliferate, the first casaulty will likely be libraries, that greatest of all community centers.

  3. I beg to differ. Even when my reading glasses cannot give me the joy of seeing the written word, I will retain my books in their shelves, and just inhale and perhaps touch them from time to time. I have enough books to start a small library, and I thought like you, that the eBook or eworld would erode the written word but I am not so convinced. The relationship most bibliophiles have is borne from more than just seeing the words, its tactile as well, its seeing someone elses notes in the margins of second hand book, its feeling the fraility of an old publication, the scent of stale pipe smoke, or that 'booky' scent - and more.

  4. Thank you for those sites Grand Purl Baa. I am ashamed to say that I have had to turn the airconditioning on as its warmed up considerably over here - nothing compared to your temperatures though.